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Bariatric Weight Loss Program


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Bariatric Weight Loss Program

Tri-State Specialists is excited to share with the Siouxland Community Tri-State Specialists Bariatric Weight Loss Program.

The Tri-State Specialists Bariatric Weight Loss Program Medical Director is Dr. Steven Udelhofen. Dr Udelhofen was born and raised in IA. He is a Fellowship Trained Bariatric Surgeon serving the Siouxland Area. Dr. Udelhofen is also a Board-Certified general surgeon.

He earned his medical degree at Des Moines University in Iowa. Dr. Udelhofen completed his residency at Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit and his fellowship in bariatric and minimally invasive surgery at BMI of Texas through the University of Texas – Houston. His practice includes both surgical and nonsurgical weight loss as well as general surgery and acute care procedures. All with a minimally invasive approach to speed recovery.

Steven has over 5 years of experience and has completed over 1,200 bariatric procedures with complications rates below the national average. He offers traditional surgical options for weight loss such as sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. In addition, he performs revisions of previous weight loss surgeries. He offers newer non-traditional options which include incisionless endoscopic gastric plication of the stomach both as revisional and primary procedures as well as looped duodenal switch. In addition, Dr. Udelhofen has extensive experience with successful adjustable gastric band care.

For some patients, surgical options may not be desired or indicated. Dr. Udelhofen still wants to help. You may be a candidate for endoscopic gastric balloon placement, which is very low risk and is removed in 6 months and requires no surgery.

Another nonsurgical option to consider is taking a weight loss medication alone. Medical weight loss is an evolving field with new medications being discovered and added as treatment options. Medical weight loss is effective both individually and in conjunction with surgical and non-surgical options and typically results in 10% better weight loss than diet and exercise alone!

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Dr. Steven Udelhofen

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About Tri-State Specialists Bariatric Weight Loss Program

Tri-State Specialists Bariatric Weight Loss Program takes a TEAM approach. The Weight Loss Program team consists of Dr. Udelhofen, his clinical team, a registered dietician who will help manage your nutrition, a physical therapist who will help facilitate your exercise program, a psychiatrist if needed for emotional support and a financial advisor.

During your first consult Dr Udelhofen will need to review your medical history in detail and review all your weight loss options to help guide you to the best treatment decisions. We will get you started on a customized diet and exercise program and lay out a blueprint to your weight loss journey. You will have close follow up with the other team members including a psychologist, physical therapist, and nutritionist just a few weeks later to reevaluate your progress and continue adjust your program to optimize your results!

Insurance and Self Pay options available:

Although obesity is the #1 public health problem facing America today, some employers offer coverage for obesity and some employers benefits do not offer coverage for the treatment of obesity. We will work with your insurance to determine coverage and requirements. If your employer/benefits do not cover this service we have affordable pricing for our self-pay patients, who often find that your monthly savings after surgery in food and reduced medication cost exceeds the monthly payment for surgery. In addition, you are making an investment in your health and your future!

Contact our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Udelhofen, 712-224-8677. Let us help you on your journey to wellness.

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